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Have you ever been to a wedding where it was clear the couple could have used more help? Perhaps things were always running late, there were not enough helpers or no one knew what they were doing? It’s definitely not fun to be a guest at such a wedding. We have hosted too many weddings where the couple clearly could have used a little extra help in executing their plans. 


Nowadays, with wedding blogs and DIY books readily available, more and more couples are opting to plan their own wedding. While there is nothing wrong with this, one thing is for sure—you cannot coordinate your own wedding day!

The Buckeye Barn's ELITE services are designed for the couple who have completed all their wedding plans and want a professional to execute these plans on their wedding day. Our day of wedding planning service begins four weeks out at your pre-event meeting. 


We tie up any loose ends so you will be at ease. We will conduct the ceremony and reception according to your plans and specifications so that your special day is flawless. On your wedding day, we will be your direct line of communication for family, the wedding party, guests, and vendors. Our team will communicate with and guide your vendors for set up according to your timeline.

We can help set-up your big day and/or pack up your wedding so you can truly enjoy your big day! Our services are client-focused! 

Entrust your special day to one of our wedding professionals with the experience and flexibility to handle any last-minute changes that may come up, so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime special day! 

Full-Service Wedding Bundled
$1599 ($98 Savings!)
  • Complimentary 2-hr consultation for set-up decor details

  • 2 Week decor storage

  • Wedding day design guidance

  • Wedding day ceremony and reception set-up

  • Design team on your wedding day​ morning​​

  • Emergency wedding day kit (if needed)

  • Unloading assistance 

More Details Below! 

  • Complimentary 1-hr consultation to wrap up details

  • Services begin 30 days prior to wedding date

  • Coordinator on your wedding day

  • Timeline of scheduled wedding events

  • Final calls the week of wedding to vendor list and services

  • One hour ceremony rehearsal

  • Coordination of vendors

  • Up to 10 hours of wedding day coordination (*additional hours available for a fee)

  • Procession and recession coordination

  • Emergency wedding day kit (if needed)

  • Guest coordination and assistance

  • Location coordination of vendors

  • Distribute final payment & gratuities to vendors (paid by client)

  • Full post reception clean-up team

  • Removal of trash on tables, floor, and outside areas 

  • Remove and pack linens from tables

  • Collection and packing of wedding day items

  • Packing of all client decor 

  • Storage of decor until Monday 

  • Assisting in loading decor

  • Outside rented items returned (*available for a fee)

More Details Below! 

More Details Below! 

Day-of Coordination 

Prior to the day of the wedding, the coordinator meets with the bride and groom to understand their preferences and the plans for the wedding day. The coordinator then works with the bride and groom to build a wedding day schedule.  The bride and groom also supply the coordinator with the names and contact information for all of the vendors (if the venue does not currently have them) and list what services are being provided. With this information, she can handle one of the most important day-of coordinator duties: making sure everything goes smoothly.

There are a lot of things to oversee and questions to be answered on the day of your wedding. The day-of wedding coordinator handles all of these concerns and makes sure that everything is done on time, starting with the items that must be in place prior to the wedding ceremony. When it comes to decorations, flowers, and seating, the coordinator ensures that the vendors are set up before the wedding. They also assure that all previous arrangements are organized according to the couple's wishes.

During the ceremony, the day-of wedding coordinator makes sure that all elements of the service proceed exactly as planned. The coordinator makes sure that the guests are seated correctly and in a timely fashion, that members of the wedding party are directed to their places, and entrances are timed with the music. She also confirms that the correct music is played on cue, that all props, such as unity candles, are in the proper place, and that the ceremony progresses as scheduled.


Once the ceremony is completed, the day-of-wedding coordinator directs guests to the location of the reception. She makes sure that the caterer and other vendors serve the guests their drinks and food on time. In the event that gifts are brought to the reception, the coordinator arranges for the proper placement of them. Final duties may include directing the couple through a receiving line and managing the dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and special dances.

Day-of Set-up

Our Day-of Setup service allows you to design your big day just the way you dreamt it would be and then having our set-up team put it all together! Prior to the day of the wedding, you will have a team member meet with you weeks before your wedding to do a staging set-up of your key tables and decor.  Notes, photos, and details will be captured to ensure your ideas are understood and recreated on your big day. With this information, we can handle one of the most important decorating duties: making sure everything goes smoothly in the morning. 

Before your wedding, you will have the opportunity to drop off decor at the venue so there is less for you to bring the morning of your wedding! :) On your wedding day, our set-up team will arrive in the morning to help you unload any additional decor, and then they will get started setting up for up to the next 5 hours! Once the reception and ceremony area is fully set-up they will invite you and/or a person of your choice to ensure all of your decor is perfect!

There isn't anything better than not being stressed, dirty, and sweaty on the day of your wedding! Let us do the hard work for you! 

Day-of Tear Down

Our Day-of Tear-Down service allows clients, their families, and their guests to not have to worry about cleaning up and packing up after their big celebration. When you finish your big day our team gets to work! We will clean-up and clear all trash that is in the venue as well as carefully pack up all your decor in your provided storage containers. We will then store all your items until Monday following your wedding.


A rental return service can be ordered for outside rented items at an additional charge.  This service includes linens, centerpieces, vases, and/or other smaller decor. Larger items such as drum fans, kegs, arbors or tables, and chairs would be an additional charge for truck delivery. 

There isn't anything better than not needing to have to clean-up and pack-up on the evening of your wedding! Let us take care of it for you! 

Reserve for your special day! 

If you are interested in reserving all or one of our Elite Services please click the button to inquire! 👉🏻

We'll contact you to confirm your selected services and assign you to one of our awesome event designers/coordinators! 


We can't wait to play another big role in your big day! ❤️

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