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Capturing your memories, smiles, and love! 

When it comes to photo booth services, we take this very seriously. It may just be a booth that snaps pictures for some companies, but to The Buckeye Barn and The Buckeye Photo Booth Co. it is our mission and our focus to make sure we are capturing memories in the most enjoyable way possible.

So when comparing services, just remember that we are here for one reason: To capture memories and give you an amazing event and it’s so important to us, that we guarantee your satisfaction.

The Buckeye Photo Booth Co.'s booths are a unique innovation of the traditional booth. We are not your typical, small photo booth with the quick 1-2-3 multi-snap pictures that don't even let you get your pose set before the pictures are taken. Our custom shiplap and wood photo tower paired with rustic themed props, signs, glasses and more are customizable to fit any desired layout and our self controlled photo tower technology ensures that all pictures are taken on your cue!  We give you a choice of backgrounds and have on-site printing for full quality 2x6 photos. 

Our wild prop box is always included with any package you book! 

In fact, our photo booths really can't be classified in the same category as the typical booth. We create a photo event that always becomes the life of the party!


Exclusive Buckeye Barn Packages Include:

- Unlimited Pictures

- Unlimited Prints

- Custom Logo
- Fun Prop Box


3 Hour Event


4 Hour Event

w/ Free Leather Memory Book


Please Note:  All images captured are only stored for 60 days after the event. The client can request a downloadable link to the images captured.  

The Buckeye Barn Venue is not responsible for images captured and holds the right to delete any images deemed inappropriate. 

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