Wedding Coffee Trailer

Have you ever been to a wedding where it was clear the couple could have used more help? Perhaps things were always running late, there were not enough helpers or no one knew what they were doing? It’s definitely not fun to be a guest at such a wedding. We have hosted too many weddings where the couple clearly could have used a little extra help in executing their plans 


Nowadays, with wedding blogs and DIY books readily available, more and more couples are opting to plan their own wedding. While there is nothing wrong with this, one thing is for sure—you cannot coordinate your own wedding day!


To get familiar with your wedding plans, our day-of coordinators will be at your venue pre-event meetings to go through the itinerary, to see to the last minute details, and what has been discussed with vendors. We believe these meetings are vital to communicating your vision and expectations for your special day. Along with this preparation, your day of coordinator would be present at your wedding rehearsal, so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the ceremony.


On the wedding day, the main role of the day-of-coordinator is to ensure that your plans are carried out smoothly and to discreetly handle any problems that may arise. This also means you can arrive at a perfectly set up ceremony and reception since your coordinator will have already arrived in advance to make sure it is set up properly. They are also the liaison with the venue, caterer, decorators, MC, DJ, photographer and parents; they pull the pieces of the puzzle together.


With a capable day-of-coordinator watching over the details of the day, you can enjoy all the special moments with your family and friends without stressing. This also means that your bridal party and family can enjoy the day too! We can’t tell you how many weddings we've hosted where the bridal party and close family are running around and stressing because the couple did not have a day of coordinator. Not only do you want to relax on your wedding day, but also those closest to you should as well. 


We believe that our day-of-coordinators have a special advantage of working years in the wedding industry as well directly for The Buckeye Barn. This bonus gives you the reassurance that Joshua + Nicole have personally selected the best coordinator for you, as well as ensuring that their business morals, ethics, and commitment to you as the client is fulfilled!  


Entrust your special day to one of our wedding professionals with the experience and flexibility to handle any last-minute changes that may come up, so you can enjoy your once in a lifetime special day! 

Wedding Packages 

4 Hours 999

3 Hours $849

2 Hours $749

$300 Trailer and $4.50 a Cup 


Signature Drinks 


The Homegrown 

Chocolate/ Carmel/ Praline 


The Buckeye

Chocolate/Peanut Butter 





Chocolate/ Espresso  


Caramel Kiss

Caramel / Vanilla



Shot of Espresso 


Caramel Mocha 

Hot Chocolate/Drip Brew 


Simply Drip Brew


Hot Chocolate 


Hot Apple Cider


Hot Chai Cider


During the ceremony, the day-of-wedding coordinator makes sure that all elements of the service proceed exactly as planned. The coordinator makes sure that the guests are seated correctly and in a timely fashion, that members of the wedding party are directed to their places, and entrances are timed with the music. She also confirms that the correct music is played on cue, that all props, such as unity candles, are in the proper place, and that the ceremony progresses as scheduled.


At the Reception

Once the ceremony is completed, the day-of-wedding coordinator directs guests to the location of the reception. She makes sure that the caterer and other vendors serve the guests their drinks and food on time. In the event that gifts are brought to the reception, the coordinator arranges for the proper placement of them. Final duties may include directing the couple through a receiving line and managing the dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and special dances.


Contact us today to book your coordinator service! :)

Service Includes:


Pre-Wedding Meeting

(Scheduled with your venue pre-event meeting for your convenience!)

In this meeting, you will review your wedding timeline, discuss any special additions you would like and take time to learn and understand your wants, needs, and dreams!



Your coordinator will help organize your bridal party/family and help you effectively use the 1-hour rehearsal walkthrough time slot at the venue!


Event Day

Your coordinator will arrive at 9:00 am to help you with all those special details for your special day so you can relax and take in your once-in-a-lifetime moments! :) 


All-Inclusive Service Fee



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